Tuition and Fees

Tuition:  This year we are offering 60 hours of teaching (30 weeks; 2 lessons / week).


Tuition is $450 per student

To help with “family” tuition fees, we offer discounts for siblings.  The first sibling receives a 20% discount ($360), and the second sibling a 30% discount ($315)

Tuition payment is due on the first day of class.

If you prefer, the Yucai Chinese School offers a “Three Payment Plan”

Primary Student: 3 installments of $155 each.

1st Sibling: 3 installments of $125 each.

2nd Sibling: 3 installments of 110 each)

Elective Tuition:  $70 per 10 weeks (trimester) per student.  We offer the same sibling discount of 20% ($56) for the first sibling and 30% ($49) for the second sibling for elective classes.

To take advantage of this tuition payment plan, please pay the appropriate amount on each of the three payment dates , AS SHOWN ON THE YEARLY CALENDAR. 


Our On-Line Payment will allow payment through PayPal or with a Credit Card.  Although it is not yet functional at this time, we expect to have it fully operational in the near future. 

















Sibling Discount – Full Payment






















To verify that is a vaild source for internet payment options, please see the “PayPal Verification” tab.We would greatly appreciate being notified at:,if you experience any problems using the PayPal method of payment.  Thank you.Elective classes(to be offered at a later date), called “Caiyi” classes, will require a separate payment, depending on the class being offered.Adult classes (to be offered at a later date if there is sufficient interest) will require a separate payment.

Text Book Fee: 

Information about text books to be added soon.

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